Chateau de Villelongue - Limoux

The Blanquette de Limoux is undoubtedly the oldest effervescent wine in the world . It is known that in 1531 the monks of Saint Hilaire produced Blanquette de Limoux .
From the beginning of the 16th century Blanquette de Limoux appears as a very renowned wine that stands out from all the others. It is quoted in very diverse texts which are irrefutable proof of its antiquity.
A document of 1794 specifies that Blanquette is known and esteemed throughout France.
Chateau Villelongue is owned by Domaine Rosier, it was created in 1985. Planted in Chardonnay, Chenin, and Merlot, with an average vine age of 20 years. The soils are Oceanic argilo calcreous.